August Glider Day

By | August 10, 2020

Our aero-tow on Sunday was blessed with some dry and very warm weather. The event was well attended with Felix from the Okehampton Model Flying Club kindly providing the tug with his Titan. It was also good to meet some new members for the first time and we hope they enjoyed the event  also. There were a wide range of classic scale gliders that showed off the high quality building skills of their pilot owners. It was very impressive to see them follow the tug up to around 1000 ft before releasing. Unfortunately the wind was from the NE and there was not much lift around although Joe managed to find a thermal on his final landing approach and promptly abandoned that in favour soaring up – and up until that pocket of lift disappeared. We also had a few e-gliders that had their flights during refuelling and lunch breaks. Cliff’s Bird of Time with his recently added e-pod flew well. The flying site seemed to have it own “Bermuda Triangle” of gorse that seemed to pull a few gliders off their initially central landing approach up the strip into the adjacent gorse to the muttering of  their pilots. Some photos from the day are below and hop across to our Facebook page for more from our members and comments about the day.



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