e-Duster Maiden Flight – At Last

By | May 11, 2022

After two years intermittent building, The time had come to take the plunge and give my e-Duster (from a Chris Williams plan) a maiden flight. I was hoping our field would have been little less gusty Tuesday but as rain was forecast for today, I decided to go for it. The Duster was quite sensitive on the controls so I decided to keep the flight short. A bit of pilot error landing into the rough grass but no damage done. So hopefully Thursday or Friday will be a little calmer for some longer trials. On reflection, I need to check the control throws as they appeared quite limited on the plan and I remember thinking of increasing them to ensure I can turn her back home. I will make sure duel lower rates are as per plan or a little less.  Still, I am a relieved and a happy bunny the flight went that well. There are a few unfinished items that I can progress now I know it flies.

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