First Flying day in 2023

By | January 3, 2023

We had a good turnout yesterday, 2nd Jan, at Little Haldon for the first outing of 2023. The weather was bright, very calm and sunny which kept any chill at bay. Flying was near continuous for several hours although thermals were practically non existent and even buzzards were seen flapping to keep airborne. Of course the sun was low so our gliders avoided the SSW to keep out of the sun (in my case – tried to avoid flying into the sun). Still, all aircraft have made it back safely to their hangers. The day and gathering provided an ideal opportunity to carry out Dave Malin’s wishes for his ashes to be scattered where he enjoyed flying. Whilst John Harvey scattered Dave’s ashes amongst the gorse and heather, Martin made a low fly pass with his glider. Although there are some photos of the occasion, we will not post any on social media unless Dave’s family give consent.

Happy birthday yesterday to John although unfortunately he forgot to bring cakes or any leftover Xmas fair.

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