A K7 super build update from John

By | January 17, 2021

When I first fitted both wings there were ‘issues’ namely fit to fuselage root rib and span wise squareness to fuz. So there was some head scratching. In the end I had to adjust the main joiner tube in the fuz which fortunately had not been glued in. Although I could only move it a couple of millimetres each side it was enough to square the wings span wise which were about an inch out! I will still need to apply some balsa packing to the root ribs to fill a gap. All in all I am still quite pleased, the structure as in the pic weighs circa 7kgs….on track I think🤔


(Robert – Wait until you have added 5 litres of paint John :). I am very much looking forward to seeing your maiden flight)

2 thoughts on “A K7 super build update from John

  1. John Harvey

    Thanks David, your right about lugging this up a hill, that will not be happening any time soon. Covering the open structure will be standard Hobbyking gloss film, looking like a dark blue.

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