Chris’s Cobra build update

By | May 12, 2020

A further update from Chris. Its looking impressive Chris, I don’t think that you would want to use my patio as a grid reference though – unless you are building a banana. I look forward to your Maiden this summer

It’s been awhile since my last post, but still building but once the wings come out of the vac-bag, things slow down a bit.

After the wings were done the next thing to do is fit the wing joiner tube in the fuz. This has to be in the right place, using  the patio slabs as a grid ref, a piece of string taped to the fin, and a tape measure.  After the fuz is square, the wings can be put on and moved until everything lines up; the joiner tube is tack glued to the fuz, with the wings removed, the tube was fully glued to the fuz. The wing roots are then placed over the joiner, the wings refitted, and the roots lined up, and glued in place,  balsa infills were glued into the gap, then topped with filler.

1/4″ ply was cut  to form the cockpit frame. This was glued in place, then glassed, small magnets where glued in to retain the canopy. With the cockpit frame done, the canopy frame could be made. This was made from 1/4″ ply base then 3/16″sq was added to give a bigger gluing area for the canopy.


The full build is here

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