Dartmoor National Park proposal to ban all model flying

By | September 26, 2021

A brief notice (from Cliff’s YouTube campaign video) has been added to our Home page to help maximise awareness of this critical issue that could, if unchecked, impact eventually the whole of the UK.

One thought on “Dartmoor National Park proposal to ban all model flying

  1. David Ramsden

    Here’s a copy of my response to the DNPA Consultation:

    The flying of unpowered model gliders has been a highly valued occasional activity since the 1960’s operated under the auspices of the Dartmoor Slope Soaring Club since 1993. The gliders in question are small and unobtrusive. Most flyers visit the moor alone. Very occasionally two or three might meet, mostly by chance.

    The activity is naturally restricted by the need for a steep slope facing a moderate breeze. The vast majority of days are unsuitable as is the vast majority of the moor. There are only 22 discreet sites listed in the club guide (https://dssc.bmfa.club/guide-to-dartmoor-soaring-sites/) and on any given day, normally none, or only a few are flyable.

    It is hard to see how such an activity could possibly cause any harm. If DNPA has any evidence of any harm caused by an unpowered model glider please could I see it? (contact David Ramsden MBE, Waterleat, Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7HU).

    I propose that the wording of Section 20 of the Byelaws be amended as follows:
    (i) No person shall fly a kite [insert ‘or unpowered glider’] from or over the Access Land in such a manner as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to any other person or in such a manner as is likely to startle or disturb stock or wildlife on the land.
    (ii) No person shall launch any [insert ‘powered’] model aircraft or drone from the Access Land unless authorised to do so by the owner of the land and the Authority.
    (iii) No person shall operate any [insert ‘powered’] model aircraft or drone over the Access Land at a height or location that may disturb stock or wildlife or cause a nuisance to another person.

    Thank you

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