DGD September 19th 2021

By | September 21, 2021

The car park opened at 09:30 with a few spots of rain and the horizon around the moors looked a little threatening. However the forecast proved pretty accurate and the conditions quickly improved and the initial westerly drifted N.Westerly allowing the long North South strip to be used for take off and landing. Martin briefed pilots before flying began to ensure we all knew the safety protocol that has become so important lately.  First flights circa 11:00 discovered some thermal activity and Chris got a pleasing 18 mins with his 1/3 scale Pilatus from working some lift after calling landing!

Around 20 people turned up, mostly pilots with electric or aerotow models and great fun and banter was had. Martin Tonkins was (at first) our sole tug pilot with his very powerful electric Wot 4 and worked hard dragging 2 x 1/3 scale models and an assortment of 1/4 scale models up to great heights. Felix Marten had kindly sorted out a NOTAM for the day allowing us to 1500ft. Martin was unfortunately limited to his battery life and around 2pm aerotowing ceased. I say ceased, but in fact we were all treated to a new pairing, David Ramsden and his OD Old Phoney towing Tim Naylor’s 3lb Spirit. Despite the long grass and fairly rough surface the Old Phoney pulled the Spirit up in a steady and safe way to a fair height before successful release on several flights…great entertainment and I imagine David will be looking for more customers with lightweight gliders and a release for further towing experiences.

Landing of the day has to go to John Hacker for the perfect approach and incredibly smooth scale landing in front of the assembled and spellbound with his ancient K8, the round of applause was well deserved! We won’t talk about some of the day’s other landings.

Eventually the scene was gradually vacated circa 3pm, with batteries and lift fading after a late lunch, short lived but good quality!

On a final note I will be asking for firm bookings for the Club Xmas Lunch shortly, it may sound early but the Dainton will require a deposit next month. For new members, traditionally the club holds a Xmas lunch at the Dainton Golf Club in December for members and spouses etc, unfortunately after many years Covid scuppered 2020 but we hope this year will be as normal as possible.



Check out our Gallery for more photo’s of the event.


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