Informal Aero-tow Sunday 30th June

By | June 3, 2021

Hi all, to anyone wondering how things went at LH last Sunday. Here’s a quick resume’. Steve Thorne and Graham arrived bright and early with their tugs and towing commenced circa 10:30 in a not too pleasant easterly and fairly brisk to boot.  My first tow with the Solution was exceedingly hairy as the dolly bounced the model off on the rough ground and I just managed to get away without striking the ground with both wing tips..phew! As can be expected the lift was lacking and flights were short. However by lunch time the wind was easing with more south and we changed to the N to S runway…much better for the 7 glider pilots and the tug pilots were very busy. A technicality with a tug meant a replacement tug was put into service and away we went again. David, a complete beginner to aerotow, accepted the chance to experience a couple of  launches with a 4 metre Alpina and thoroughly enjoyed it, so who knows may be we have another fan of this aspect of flying, although he is also dreaming of towing, check out his Old Phoney on this website.

By 3pm people were packing up their gear and heading off after a fun day. I have also to say that although contributions to the cost of fuel etc were volunteered our sterling tug pilots refused to take a generous was that? Many thanks.



Check out the Gallery for more pics from the day.

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