John’s K 7 Update

By | November 18, 2020

Hi all,

The fuselage and the tail end have been put on one side now for some weeks  while I began construction of the wings. As with the rest of the kit there are many laser cut parts including false ply LE, all ribs, main spar web ( the 1mm ply sheet glued between top and bottom 1/2 x 1/4 spruce spars) and other ply webs needed around the route section. Tabs as shown are part of the ribs and false LE to allow these parts to sit on your board at the correct attitude, they are cut off later…very clever, makes life much easier. The first wing took a bit of thought and even then I left out a doubler around the joiner…Doh! Too late now. The first job is to make the bottom spar which because of its length needs 2 joints splicing and tapered to 1/4” at the tip. This is then glued to the spar web which the ribs just slot over, grooves pre cut, The top spar is then glued on, nearly done, that’ll be a no then! Still lots of parts to fit and glue. A model this big hoovers up a lorra lorra glue.  I have left the aileron attached to save damage for now. The trailing edge construction of 0.4 ply top and bottom with balsa in between is simple enough but I am in thoughts about how to go about building a strong attachment to the wing ribs which also follows the wing section.

As you can see the second wing, which I hope is the opposite and mirror image of the first is well under way with the first hanging above me for reference. There was no plan for the second wing so by pushing a pin through the plan, thanks Joe, I have marked the key outlines on the back of the plan and also laid the first wing on top upside down to double check dimensions. Because the laser cut parts are designed to fit together you can’t get them in the wrong place, well mostly. The K7s wings are angled forwards so I will make a special effort to get the angle of the route rib for fwd sweep and dihedral the same as wing one. Each wing is 2.7mtrs long ( I have measured up the Honda and they just fit) so it will not need to be much out to make a big difference at the tip. Watch this space! Next time I hope to show you the assembled framework, however there are still servos to install in the wing for brakes and ailerons and the canopy to make.  Maiden scheduled for late Spring…famous last words!

All the best and trust everyone is coping with this awful situation


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  1. David Ramsden

    Wow John. What an amazing project. Makes my current build project look like wren next to an albatross. How on Earth are you going to get it off the ground? Is there a tug big enough?

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