L.H Flying 13th August

By | August 14, 2019

Today (13th August) saw a brief breaking the wet and windy weather and several members had an enjoyable and safe morning flying at L.H. Martin from Sidmouth brought along an Excalibur and Cub. The Excalibur, for some unknown reason had limited aileron travel and insisted on trying to stall at every turn. Martin however kept his cool and brought the glider safely back to land. His cub flew much more conventional  with a few loops and rolls.

Roger as usual, brought a squadron  of jets and a lager cub. As you can see (or not) from the photos that my phone camera is too slow to catch sight of the jets and the resulting photos remind me of the ‘spot the ball’ competition of old. Roger demonstrated the very short take off qualities of the cub needing only a couple of metres to get into the air.

I managed a few more training flights with my Riot switching SAFE on and off as circumstances needed. However, I found it too difficult to fly and take a photo of the Riot in flight so a shot of it in the pits will have to do. (Robert)

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