1/3 scale K7 Build update from John

By | October 1, 2020

The K7 continues to grow slowly and the bags of laser cut parts are starting to diminish. After doing all I could to the fuselage I started on the tail end. The fin is integral to the fuselage so a rudder was next and fairly straightforward of balsa and 0.4. ply. A double horn was made from G10 2mm fibre board; very hard but files well. The closed loop cables will connect to this.

Lots of laser cut parts went together to construct the tail plane and this was covered in 0.4 ply as is the fin, all very strong but getting heavy! Elevators x 2 of built up structure are driven by 2 servos in the tail plane.

I made a mistake with the hinging and got the hinge line in the incorrect axis but hope to address this later.

As it is quite thick at the hinge line and the elevator needs to swivel rather than just move up and down.

I have now begun the first wing, will be in touch! (Robert: I look forward to seeing more pics of this stage John)

If anyone is subscribed to Scale Soaring UK, more pics of John build can be found. Click here –  UKJilles Smits 1/3 K7 Build

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